The fabulous Syne Mitchell of WeaveZine asked me if I was interested in dyeing some yarn for her upcoming rigid-heddle weaving classes. “You betcha!” I said, and sent her off some yarn to weave a sample with to see if it worked for her purposes. Unfortunately, it proved a wee bit challenging for new weavers to deal with (a bit too fine for a 12-dent reed, worms a bit when woven and washed, also very stretchy), but in the hands of a master like Syne, well . . .

It’s a soft, warm, smooth fabric with an ikat-look effect due to the yarn being handpainted in a regular pattern.  Syne cleverly arranges the warp to make the colors line up in interesting ways.

What’s always fascinating is how yarn changes when crossed with another color.  The warp skein was navy blue, bright green, and yellow, which you can see in the fringe.  The weft, or crossing yarn, was a pale lavender that I thought would play well with the paler parts of the navy.  The final look is cool, spring-like, and just wonderful!  Syne sent it back to me to show off to my customers, but they have to get it off my neck first.  Thank you, Syne!

And a better yarn for her classes is on order.