I’ve just delivered a commission to Syne Mitchell — 15 sets of warp and weft yarns, dyed in vivid colors for her rigid-heddle weaving class at John C. Campbell Folk School.   Here are the weft yarns

and here are the warp yarns.

Yes, they are vivid!  Especially the two at the lower left.  I think of them as parrots.  Syne cleverly has her students warp the looms so that the colors flow in a pleasing way.  The coordinating weft yarns will tone down the wildness, and the students will end up with a lovely scarf.

I delivered  the skeins to Syne at her new high-tech job, and we went out to lunch to discuss future projects for each of us.

One is Sock Summit:  Syne will be teaching, I’ll be a vendor, and we’ll be rooming together. Plus we talked about dyeing, weaving, knitting.  As Syne said, definitely a high-fiber lunch!

I’ll be putting together more of these sets of skeins for warp and weft.  It’s 300 yards for the warp, 250 for the weft, dyed on Louet’s Gems fingering weight yarn.  Drop me a note if you’re interested.  They will be for sale at Sock Summit, but I may not post them on the Etsy site unless requested.