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Pretty much everything I have to say in terms of me making cookies  this time of year was said last year, so go check out that post, which has recipes and pictures.  I like to crank up the Christmas CDs while cranking out the Brune Kager, and lead-off tune is alway Feliz Navidad  by the sublime Jose Feliciano.  Enjoy!


Yes, it’s an actual post here at Moominmama’s Memoirs!  And with weaving content, to boot.

It’s been a busy summer and fall here at Chez Moomin, and rather than catch you up with the wonderful times at Sock Summit, the delights of ComicCon, WorldCon, and World Fantasy Con; the quick junket to the US Virgin Islands in December (and I’ve still  got the bug bites to prove it!) . . .  well, rather than that, I’m just going to show off the quicky scarf I made as a Christmas present for a friend.

Warm . . .

The yarn is a mystery yarn I bought from Elsa at the Seaview Weavers Plaid Llama sale.  It’s sett at 6 epi, and wove up quickly into a soft, warm scarf, 9 inches wide, and about 5 1/2 feet long.  A bit boardy as it came off the loom, but a soak in Soak  followed by a spin-out in the front-loading washer beat it into submission, and now it’s cushy and lovely.

What’s that?  You want proof that I left the vale of greyness that is often Seattle in December and went to  a tropical place? Okay, how’s this?


And we’ll close with the sunrise the day we left.

Morning has broken

Celebrate the return of light as we round the Solstice and head towards Spring.