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chaRed Scarf at morning

Last month, I wrote about my Fiber Resolutions for 2007, which included trying to live up to Wendy’s Working from the Stash Challenge.  The Challenge has a few amusing exceptions, and I’ve decided add another one, namely:

It’s okay to buy yarn if it’s for Charity Knitting.

In another online life, I’m a member of The Gunroom, an online discussion group about the works of Patrick O’Brian, specifically his 21 volume opus, the Aubrey/Maturin series, which was loosely adapted into the movie Master and Commander. One of our merry crew suggested that some of the knitters in the group make items for the Seaman’s Church Institute Christmas at Sea program, which distributes hand-knitted scarves, hats, etc. to merchant seaman during the month of December. As the books are about sea-going life in the 19th century, it seemed a natural fit.

I’ve just finished my first scarf for this effort, and it’s rather nice, isn’t it? The SCI is exceedingly specific about what yarns to use (4-ply, must be machine-washable) and what patterns to use (theirs, on the site), so there’s not a lot of room for creativity.  But I rather like the basketweave effect of this design.  I bought some more yarn to make a watch cap and a balaclava, but that’s okay, because it’s Charity Knitting 🙂