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Snow, snow, and more snow, piling up here at Chez Moomin!


The garden lizard wishes it would stop.


Something else has been out for a stroll.


Ah, it’s raccoons!

The lake is beginning to freeze over. The lighter grey in the foreground is slushy ice.


The garden hut is sporting an icicle.


Here’s hoping you are warm and cozy!

Frozen lake

The lake has been gradually freezing over for the past three days.  We got a little fresh snow overnight, so all the ice is white now.  It’s not quite frozen all the way across, and the weather is supposed to gradually warm over the next few days, so this may be the largest expanse of ice here for this cold spell.  We haven’t gotten more than a little token ice in the shallow patches for a few years now.

Garden lizard

Even the garden lizard is getting cold.