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Again with the snow? I was not expecting this.  Neither were the flowers.  But they are hardy, and the snow will pass.

As I mentioned recently, we had a bit of snow.  It’s been quite cold since then, so the snow remains in shadier spots. But where the sun has a chance to do its work, green is poking through.

The lake was beginning to freeze in the shallows

but it won’t last.  Take this a metaphor for bad times,  for the winters of discontent that we go through from time to time. With luck, the sun’ll come out tomorrow.

Happy New Year!

Another Snow Event here in the Puget Sound Area, and I really don’t  want to schlep out to get more suet cakes, yet worry about the birds finding enough to eat.  My jar o’grease that I keep in the freezer has very little in it, so I decided to make a nutritious goo of peanut butter, rolled oats, and Crisco.


I stuffed this into the bird feeder and put it out in cherry tree in the front yard.


I hope they like it!

Meanwhile, I’m inside busily dyeing Blue Faced Leicester roving to get ready for the Whidbey Spin-In,  April 4 and 5.  I’ll have a table on the 5th only.



Got wool?  Oh, yeah.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, Kwanzaa, or just the general festive nature of this season, let me wish you a Merry, a Happy, and a Joyous.

The View From Here

The View From Here

May you find a patch of sunshine today, if only in your heart.

As I See It

As I See It

Snow, snow, and more snow, piling up here at Chez Moomin!


The garden lizard wishes it would stop.


Something else has been out for a stroll.


Ah, it’s raccoons!

The lake is beginning to freeze over. The lighter grey in the foreground is slushy ice.


The garden hut is sporting an icicle.


Here’s hoping you are warm and cozy!