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Remember the Bobs? The photo of them making a snowbob has been given an Honorable Mention in the photo contest over at Mochimochiland.  I am ridiculously pleased.  Check out the other Honorable Mentions —  the semi-finalists will be up soon. To see all the entries, go to the Flickr group for Mochimochiland.  More cuteness than you can shake a (cute, knitted) stick at!

Another lightning-quick project designed by the talented Anna at Mochimochiland!  Grass was started Friday, finished and presented Saturday.



Little cousin Mary found it quite hilarious.

Before it went off to its new home, Grass toured the yard, visited the lake

Grass at the lake

Grass at the lake

 stared down a foe

Grass meets an old enemy

Grass meets an old enemy

and rested in the shade of the rhubarb patch.
Grass, resting

Grass, resting

Have a great life, Grass! And be sure to take the time to smell the roses.

Grass and roses

Grass and roses

A nice day, this end of 2007.  The sun came out, and I got some knitting done, plus a nap in a sunny chair.  I hope you make time for cozy naps, too.

Blue blob, bigger

The Blue Blob is moving along apace. I’ve started the border edging, which first involves a whole bunch of increases, so the stitch count per row is now 480. At my most blistering pace of plain knit, that takes about 20 minutes, and once I start putting the beads on, it’ll slow to a crawl. But, I work on it pretty much every day, and will certainly have it done by the end of January.

Which comes first, zig or zag?

I’m also working on a pair of socks for Bonnie. I calls these Bonnie’s Bordejays, because they are the cuffs of the Bordello Sock on the Jaywalker Sock pattern. This socks are my part of a barter, and I dyed the yarn, which I call Flaming Purple Passion. Bonnie’s part was to calculate the warp for my personal Horoscope Scarf, and I’m really looking forward to weaving it up.
Mary and Bob

My tiniest cousin, Mary, came over for dinner and got her Christmas Bob. Note that she is wearing a very nice sweater.

Pile of yarn

I’ve also been dyeing yarn to have a good supply for the St. Distaff’s Day Spin-In. If you find yourself in Mountlake Terrace, Washington, on January 5th and need some yarn, spinning fiber, or other goodies, please stop in!

Where’s Fergie?

I’ve got a giant pot of black eyed peas soaking to make Hopping John for our open house tomorrow, which will be accompanied with spinach salad, cornbread, and good friends.  What more can one want?

Have a Happy New Year!

We had a nice bit of snow this weekend, although it’s melting fast now.  The Bobs enjoyed getting out in it, doing some sliding . .

Bobs in snow

some climbing

Bobs in snow

and they even made a Snow Bob.

Snow Bob

I’m enjoying staying indoors, dyeing yarn, making soup and bread and latkes, getting some knitting done, and spending too much time on the internet.  How’s your weekend going?

We enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving feast, and I hope you did, too. Since we were going to someone else’s house, I wanted to have a knitting project to take along in case there was opportunity, something fairly simple. Ravelry had introduced me to the wonders of Mochimochiland, and I started making a Bob from the generous selection of  free patterns (scroll down a bit).

Well! Once you start a Bob, you can’t stop!

Bob in process

Here’s the first one, about halfway done, with the ball of yarn stuffed in to show his shape.  He was done before we left for the dinner, so I brought along the Blue Blob and got a couple of rows done. I’m now up to Row 58, but the rows get bigger after every 4th one, and there at least 165 total, depending on how wide I make the border.

Anyway, there was a a good bit of yarn leftover after the first Bob, so I made another one
Studious Bob

and they are enjoying some time together before they get packaged up as Christmas presents.

Bobs exploring

Since one is going all the way to Washington, DC, they may not get many opportunies to practice their secret handshake.

Secret handshake

Mochimochiland will soon have a sheep pattern for sale, and there are some other very cute patterns already in the shop.  Make some toys for someone you love, or just delight your inner child!