I’m not so environmentally irresponsible as to drive 20 minutes to the nearest Whole Foods just to look for skyr , but since I needed to be very close to one when I was getting a minor auto repair, it would be foolish not to shopping for dinner and just happen to look in the dairy aisle, eh? I scanned the shelves fruitlessly; there was Russian-style yoghurt, the yummy  Fage Greek yoghurt, the excellent Nancy’s Yoghurt from the Kesey family farm in Oregon — but no skyr. I finally found a staffer, who, although not one who worked in the dairy department, was willing to try to help me. “Do you have skyr ? It might be limited to the East Coast, but it’s exclusive to Whole Foods,” I began, and she said,”Oh, I’m glad you asked me, the dairy person wouldn’t have known what you were talking about!”

She went on the explain that yes, it’s only available on the east side of the country due to the limited production output from the factory, and she really missed it, since she’s from the east and used to have it all the time. Dang. 

I called Olsen’s Scandinavian Foods in the heart of Ballard, Seattle’s Scando ghetto, but no dice there either. Double dang.

So, the first one who brings me a live container of skyr gets a free skein of Damselfly yarn in their choice of colorways. Deal?