The doorbell rang this afternoon, and I peered out the window to see the back end of a FedEx guy running up the driveway to the street.  Now that happens sometimes, as our driveway is long and they don’t always want to deal with either turning around in a tight spot or backing out the length of it. There was a small package on the doorstep, about the right size for a book.  We get that sort of package all the time.  But this was addressed to . . . . Moominmana’s Memoirs?   My blog gets mail?

Unsolicited stuff on my doorstep generated by an Internet presence . . . could it be a whole lot of bio-terror spores? Moving away from the bowl of black beans on the counter, I carefully wielded my box knife to reveal


an advance reading copy of Drunk, Divorced, and Covered in Cat Hair by Laurie Perry, AKA Crazy Aunt Purl. I suspect the fine hand of Jen the Wonder Publicist is involved.  What fun!  I’m tempted to pour a glass of wine and plunge into the book, but I’ve got yarn to dye, and more about that later.

Thank you, Jen!  Thank you, Laurie!