We’re off to France today!  Greg is invited to speak at Utopiales, a conference on all things science-fictional, held in Nantes.  And as long as we’ve gone that far, we’re going to Paris for three days afterwards. So it’s croissant for breakfast, sightseeing till we drop, seeing old friends and making new ones. 

I mentioned this to Marie at my LYS, and she offered some good ideas for Paris, having lived there.  Free concerts at Notre Dame on Sunday afternoons, for example.  Sounds like a plan!

My travel knitting is a simple lace scarf, using some Jaggerspun 2/8 wool and the Crest of the Wave pattern from one of the Barbara Walker books,  Simple enough to memorize and pretty enough to hold interest. I’m using Knit Picks Harmony needles and prepared to sacrifice them at Charles DeGaulle airport on the way home, as the rumor is that they are tres picky about knitting needles on airplanes, even wooden ones. But not to worry, the knitting will be safely lifelined just in case.

I’m glad to see that the skein of Colleen’s Green that was offered for direct sale is now sold, and bidding has started on the auction items. Do check it out!