A looming baby shower drove me back to the loom.  I’ve been wanting to get my weaving mojo back for some time, and this was the perfect opportunity to make a simple project that could be done quickly, and re-boot my weaving skills at the same time.  Fantasies of handpainted sock yarn as warp were discarded (great idea, but it would just take too long) and I reached into the stash shelf and pulled out of two hanks of  Inca Cotton in the color Oz, a pale beigy green.  These had been ageing nicely for a few years and were  just the thing.  The cotton is organically grown in Peru, and naturally colored, no dyes involved.  The soft color will gently darken over time, getting a subtly deeper tone each time it’s washed. 

A white pearl cotton warp would set off the color nicely, so I did the math and wound off a three yard warp of 360 ends.   Sleyed at 10epi, this made for a 35″ weaving width, so it had to go on the Big Loom, a 60″ LeClerc Colonial.  Warping this baby is not for the infirm or unagile!  I hoisted, clambered, reached, disassembled, reassembled . . . it’s not just warping but a workout.

But the weaving went quickly and I was able to wash it, trim it and deliver it yesterday.

The slubby nature of the weft yarn makes it look more complex, but it’s just plain weave.

Being cotton, it can  be used as a towel or summer blanket.  I decided to trim the beginning and end edges with blanket binding, which would work for either use. I had fun seeing how different colors made it look — a sage green was very elegant, like something you’d see at a high-end spa, white was very crisp, but pale yellow was just right for a baby.

The finished blanket is soft, cuddly, and was received with appropriate oohs and ahhs. And now I’m checking out the wool stash and letting the next weaving project marinate in my brain.