No, not pink spaghetti for dinner, but a skein of the Leafy Sheep sock yarn dyed with the last of the Zinnia Alter Ego silk dye.  It came out a very pretty medium pink, and only the wool and nylon fibers in this blend picked up the color.

Tickled pink

The fibers are carded together quite well, but there is the very occasional slub of bamboo that stands out because it didn’t get dyed.


Otherwise, the undyed bamboo gives a very pretty shimmery effect, I think.

Pink strands

But, never one to leave things alone, I’ve overdyed this skein with MX dyes, which will work on the bamboo. I used Coral and Fire Engine Red, which should make for one vibrant skein.  Right now it’s batching, which is a fancy term for sitting on the counter.

Resting comfortably

Tomorrow it gets unwrapped and rinsed out.

I also drizzled MX dye onto three more skeins, and will overdye them in a yellow Jacquard Acid Dye tomorrow, after they’ve had their rest.

Brown bamboo

I could call it Cinnaman Bun, but the overdye will change it all.

Wrapped tight

(Actually, I wrote this yesterday, so for today read yesterday and for tomorrow read today.  Got that?)